• Educational Links
    for Teachers, Parents and Students

    This page is designed to provide a listing of Internet resources parents can go to help their students be successful in school. It provides links to sites that children can go to with homework help. There are links to literacy and mathematics resources as well as parenting information. There are so many wonderful resources on the Internet that reflect common concerns and ideas that parents share. Click on the links below for the resources that match your needs.


    Site for preschoolers and beginning readers. Activities are based on letters, vowels, numbers, shapes, and colors.

    This is an alphabet site created by a kindergarten teacher. For each letter there is a song that can be sung to a well-known tune and each letter has at least one link relating to something that begins with that letter.

    This site is for readers who need a challenge. There is a large variety of activities, many of which can be played by grade level (mostly 1st grade on up).

    You will play "ball" against the computer (Homer). Strategy is similar to Scrabble. Players are given a set of letters and try to find a word that will score the most points. Homer does the same. Appropriate for grades 3 and up.

    This is a phonics site that breaks down phonics into categories such as consonant clusters, long vowel sounds, CVC words (like hat), and high frequency words. Each category has games and activities--some with printable activities to use as follow-ups.

    This site has games, stories, and ideas for parents to help your child grow as a reader. There is also a link to find when shows featuring special phonics sounds will air on PBS.

    This site is based on the Spot books. It is geared to younger children. The book shelf has Spot stories online, cd-rom demos, and video clips. There is also a place where children can select a postcard to send to someone special.

    This site is loaded with games. You can select a variety of subjects to find games for. Click on the language arts link for a large selection of games ranging from beginning readers to kids who need a challenge. There is also a variety of stationary to print off.

    Reading site that helps pronounce words for beginning readers

    The parent’s page has two main types of searches, Search SDEdWeb and Search by Subject and/or Grade. To conduct a search, enter your own topic or keyword and click the go button. The search results will open in a new page. Each result listed will include the title, a brief description, and the web site URL. Click on the title of the website you would like to visit. Each title is a hotlink that when clicked will open a new window for the site selected.

    At this site, children can read or listen at their own pace to animated folk tales by the Brothers Grimm. There are also links to play flash games, learn about Wilhelm and Jacob Ludwig Grimm, and make arts and crafts projects.

    This alphabet activities page is loaded with fun and superb graphics.

    Students use context and spelling knowledge to unscramble the letters in the soup to play this fun interactive game.

    This site has a variety of games. The opening page is color-coded so you can easily see which activities are for beginner, intermediate, and advanced readers.

    This website has activities for many of your favorite books and authors.



    This is a pretty descent interactive money program

    This program is pretty easy and intuitive to use. The colored blocks on the left are the manipulatives which can be clicked on to magically make new blocks. These blocks can then be dragged into the working area. There is no limit as to how many blocks you can make and move around. The three blocks used by this program are the standard blocks used in the physical version of the base 10 blocks.

    This site offers Interactive Flash Cards for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and more.

    This site offers Math Games for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division.

    This site offers Math Worksheets in which you can create your own printable worksheets.

    This website has actives for grades K-6. The activities go with our math and science textbooks.


    Click on the "Master Excel File" to download over 10,000 book titles and their guided reading level.

    This site is good for leveling books from the School's book orders.

    This site has free printable material and activities for kids, parents, student teachers, teachers and home schoolers.

    This site has games, activities, printables and downloads. The users can choose the appropriate grade-level.

    This website has age-specific activities for all curriculum areas.

    This is a search engine designed with kids in mind