• Hello!

    I'm Mrs. Deinert!
    Donna I have been teaching Science for 34 years, the last 29 years at Parkston High School. I teach Biology I, Biology II, Human Anatomy and Physiology and Psychology. In the past I have taught a Microbiology class for seven summers at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, S.D. My hobbies include gardening, reading, and sudoku. I also collect butterfly trinkets.
    This is my husband, Dean. He is a truck driver and works for Anthony Neal Trucking out of Sioux Falls, SD. He hauls a variety of trailers from coast to coast. He is gone from home but always just a phone call away. We maintain our relationship via various telephone services. Our phones have unlimited minutes on them.
    Meet My Children!

    Tom Pischke My son, Tom, has a great job with Esurance. He is also District 25 SD State Legislature Representative. His hobbies are watching all sports, especially football, basketball and baseball. In between games, he likes to hunt pheasants, dove, geese, and deer. Tom and his family
    live in Dell Rapids, SD. Jayden is 8 , Brooklyn is 6 years old, and Preston will be 4 years old in November. 
    This is my daughter, Sara, and her husband, Mitch.
    They live in New Holland, SD Mitch farms with his family and Sara owns and operates her Photography business called Studio 5. Ask me about it and I might be able to get you a discount for your Senior pictures. Their first gift from God was Bridger born on November 26, 2012. Their second gift was Jennie Jo who was born on January 14, 2015.  They truly are wonderful.


    This is our son, David. He graduated from PHS in 2012. He keeps me laughing with his antics. I am so proud of David: He joined the National Guards and is proud to serve his country. He graduated from Lake Area Institute in Watertown for Diesel Technology in 2015.  He has his dream job of working full time for the National Guard in Mitchell.  He is was deployed to Kuwait and is safely home now. 

    God has blessed me with these wonderful children. I am so proud of them.



    This is my son, Scotty. We lost Scotty on September 6 of 1998. I miss him everyday, but this child's death has taught me what is REALLY important in life. Even though he is gone and I must go on with my life, my love for Scotty lives on in my heart forever. This wound to my heart will always be there. I will NEVER "get over" losing him, but my faith allows me to cope.