Great Day for a track meet!! Field Events at 12:00 followed by running events at 1:30.
about 2 months ago, Adam Fischer
Reminder: Tuesday, May 17 is the last day of school. We will be implementing a 1 PM dismissal for all PK through 11 grade students. Buses will run normal routes at that time. Please make the appropriate arrangements for your students. Thank you.
about 2 months ago, Patrick Mikkonen
Last day of school
Please note there has been a change to the start times of our track meet tomorrow. Field Events will now start at 12:00 with running events to follow at 1:30. We hope to see you there!!
about 2 months ago, Adam Fischer
Track Schedule
Cleaning out the garage, throwing a graduation party??? We want your ALUMINUM CANS! A trailer will be parked at Parkston Food Center, May 13- 23rd collected aluminum cans. Proceeds will help FCCLA members traveling to San Diego this summer for national competition. We appreciate your support
about 2 months ago, Carrie Kafka
Can Drive
FFA Members and Parents, below are some reminders about the upcoming FFA Banquet on Wednesday, May 11th. Doors open at 5:30pm, we will begin serving the meal and starting the program promptly at 6:00pm. The meal is catered and there is no charge, however there will be a free will donation bucket if you would like to help offset the cost of the meal.
about 2 months ago, Morgan Ackerman
Parkston HOSA is having a blood drive on Wednesday, May 11 at the Parkston School from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Many types (O+, O-, A-, B+, B-) are in critical need!! Please go to or contact Carmen Bartells or Ryder Braun at the school (928-3368) to sign up!
about 2 months ago, Carmen Bartells
AMAZING performances tonight by the choir, band, and Pony Creek Cowboys!!! The talented musicians of Parkston showed out tonight!!! #TROJANPRIDE
about 2 months ago, Adam Fischer
Pony Creek Cowboys
Join us in the Armory tonight at 7:00pm for the POPs concert! Ensembles that will be performing include the 5th & 6th grade band, JH band, HS band, 6th choir, JH/HS choir, and the Pony Creek Cowboys.
about 2 months ago, Ashlynn Anderson
Program Side 1
Program Side 2
Choir & Pony Creek Members
Band Members
FCCLA Awards Night was held Monday, May 2nd. The following awards were presented: Membership: Arabella Brissette, Alivia Royston, Alivia Stirling, Jackie Braley, Kacy Goehring, Kiauna Hargens, Kennedy Heidinger, Amber Hoff, Abby Hohn , Cadence Juhnke, Kenna Konfrst, Taryn Lentsch, Faith Oakley, Elyssa Bartelt, Amedea Luikens, Allie Hobbick, Heidi Severson, MacKenzie Titze, Trey Boettcher, Jayden Digmann, Joseph Hopkins, Rory Juhnke, Hayden Mette, Alyssa Weisz, Sergio Brakie, Brycen Bruening, Grady Bowar, Alex Ganley, Elle Goehring, Kendall Hermann, Carlie Hobbick, Alexis Holzbauer, Mason Jervik, Gage Jodozi, Karlie Konfrst, Isabel Leischner , Trinity Luikens, Morgan Maxwell, Reco Muilenburg, Keeara Oakley, Allison Ostrander, Aiden Overby, Lizzy Schoenfelder, Gavin Weber, Isabella York, Berkley Ziebart SIX Years of Membership: Alivia Royston Top 10 FCCLA Members: Alivia Royston, Amber Hoff, Faith Oakley, Jackie Braley, Cadence Juhnke, Kenna Konfrst Rory Juhnke, Alyssa Weisz, Keeara Oakley, Berkley Ziebart Outstanding FCCLA Member: Kiauna Hargens Outstanding “New” Member: Elyssa Bartelt Outstanding Jr. High Member: Lizzy Schoenfelder Outstanding Monthly Members: Alivia Stirling, Gage Jodozi, Keeara Oakley, MacKenzie Titze, Elyssa Bartelt, Lizzy Schoenfelder, Rory Juhnke, Berkley Ziebart, Heidi Severson, Allison Ostrander, Grady Bowar, Allie Hobbick, Brycen Bruening, Alexis Holzbauer, Amedea Luikens, Reco Muilenburg, Kenna Konfrst, Taryn Lentsch, Elle Goehring Sunshine Award: Alivia Stirling, Brycen Bruening Top Member Recruiter: Cadence Juhnke Power of One Winners: Amedea Luikens, Kiauna Hargens, Kennedy Heidinger, Jackie Braley, Faith Oakley, Kacy Goehring, Alivia Stirling, Cadence Juhnke, Taryn Lentsch, Rory Juhnke, Alyssa Weisz, Amber Hoff, Alivia Royston, Mason Jervik, Aiden Overby, Gage Jodozi, Elle Goehring, Lizzy Schoenfelder, Karlie Konfrst, Isabel Leischner, Allison Ostrander, Isabella York, Trinity Luikens, Alex Ganley, Elyssa Bartelt, Sergio Brakie, Carlie Hobbick, Keeara Oakley, Alexis Holzbauer, Kendall Herrmann, Berkley Ziebart, Morgan Maxwell, Grady Bowar, Reco Muilenburg, Gavin Weber, Brycen Bruening, Trey Boettcher Online STAR Event Competitors: Jackie Braley, Abby Hohn National Qualifiers: Amber Hoff, Kiauna Hargens, Kenna Konfrst, Taryn Lentsch, Elle Goehring, Elyssa Bartelt, Kacy Goehring, Abby Hohn, Jackie Braley, Amedea Luikens, Cadence Juhnke Leadership Team Candidate: Cadence Juhnke Friends of FCCLA: Shawn Weisz, Shelley Konfrst, Shelia Hargens, Sara Schoenfelder, Mr. Tony Kinneberg, Ms. Morgan Ackerman, Mr. Eric Norden 2021-2022 Officer Team: VP of Communications – Jackie Braley, Activities Director – Faith Oakley, Historian – Kennedy Heidinger, Treasurer – Alivia Rosyston, Secretary –Kiauna Hargens, Vice-President – Cadence Juhnke, President – Amber Hoff Presidential Award: Amber Hoff Outstanding Officer: Kennedy Heidinger 2022-2023 Officer Team: Student Adviser- Rory Juhnke, Shadow – Elyssa Bartelt, VP of Communications – Kennedy Heidinger, Activities Director – Amber Hoff, Historian – Abby Hohn, Treasurer – Jackie Braley, Secretary –Cadence Juhnke, Vice-President – Faith Oakley, President – Kiauna Hargens
about 2 months ago, Carrie Kafka
CONGRATULATIONS to Maelie Culbert on her commitment to Mount Marty's competitive cheer team!!!
about 2 months ago, Adam Fischer
HS coaches
Family and Coach
CONGRATULATIONS to the Boys and Girls Track teams on winning the LMVC Conference Track Meet today in Parkston!!!
about 2 months ago, Adam Fischer
Girls Team
Boys and Girls Track
Boys Team
Great Day for a Track meet-- we are hosting the LMVC Conference Tack meet today!! #TROJANPRIDE
about 2 months ago, Adam Fischer
Field Activities
Stadium View
CONGRATULATIONS to the cast and crew of The March Hare's Tale on a FANTASTIC performance tonight!!!
2 months ago, Adam Fischer
Play Cast
Due to the projected rainy weather, the track meet scheduled for tomorrow with AC/DC has been cancelled.
2 months ago, Adam Fischer
Reminder: The Awards Recognition Program is tonight in the Armory starting @ 6:30 PM.
2 months ago, Patrick Mikkonen
Award Medal
CONGRATULATIONS to Cole Prunty and Allison Ziebart on being awarded the 19th Annual Elite Eight Athletes of the Year Award!!
2 months ago, Adam Fischer
Elite 8
FFA Parents and Families Reminder: Please don't forget to RSVP for our annual FFA Banquet scheduled for Wednesday, May 11th by TOMORROW so we can get accurate numbers for the caterer. Link is posted here (, is posted on Google Classroom, and was sent home with students at the FFA meeting last week. Let me know if you need help completing the RSVP!
2 months ago, Morgan Ackerman
State FFA Convention is all wrapped up and our competition season is over for the year. Over the past three days there was lots of fun and excitement. See below for full results. Congratulations everyone, you represented us well competitively and we're proud of you for that!! State Degree Recipients. The state degree is the highest degree and honor a member can earn from their state association. Members earn it based on their SAE projects and FFA involvement. Congratulations to Joshua Polreis, Baylee Schoenfelder, and Kellie Ripp! Dairy Cattle Evaluation, 6th Place Team out of 19 -Preston Mattheis, 13th Place Ind. out of 70 -Cade Thuringer, 20th Place Ind. -Porter Neugebauer, 37th Place Ind. -Baylee Schoenfelder, 47th Place Ind. Floriculture, 21st Place Team out of 50 -Emily Walz, 21st Place Ind. out of 166 -Kellie Ripp, 94th Place Ind. -Alyssa Weisz, 97th Place Ind. -Icis Muilenburg, 156th Place Ind. Horse Evaluation, 6th Place Team out of 45 -Ashlyn Tapio, 11th Place Ind. out of 139 -Alivia Royston, 16th Place Ind. -Lindsey Roth, 70th Place -Shelby Hohn, 78th Place Milk Quality and Products, 19th Place Team out of 45 -Troy Norden, 49th Place Ind. out of 125 -Jesse Newton, 55th Place Ind. -Carter Sommer, 83rd Place Ind. -Wes Bigge, 93rd Place Ind. Natural Resources, 11th Place Team out of 58 -Joshua Polreis, 19th Place Ind. out of 203 -Caleb Titze, 22nd Place Ind. -Hilary Polreis, 85th Place Ind. -Jayden Digmann, 87th Place Ind. Nursery Landscape, 2nd Place Team out of 25 and recognized on Stage!! -Drew Braley, 3rd Place Ind. out of 88 and recognized on stage!! -Kaden Holzbauer, 6th Place Ind. and recognized on stage!! -Kash Neugebauer, 22nd Place Ind. -Kolter Kramer, 23rd Place Ind. Poultry Evaluation, 2nd Place Team out of 30 and recognized on stage!! - Ty Fink, 4th Place Ind. out of 101 and recognized on stage!! -Reid Leischner, 5th Place Ind. and recognized on stage!! -Elliott Leischner, 31st Place Ind. -Gage Reichert, 49th Place Ind. Vet Science, 11th Place Team our of 56 -Taylor Fink, 23rd Place Ind. out of 201 -Grace Lindeman, 27th Place Ind. -Kacy Goehring, 90th Place Ind. -Taryn Bialas, 162nd Place Ind.
2 months ago, Morgan Ackerman
FFA Competitor Group
Want to watch FFA CDE results live? Check out this link to stream the last session! Full results will also be posted later today.
2 months ago, Morgan Ackerman
Parkston FCCLA Chapter Awards Night - Monday, May 2nd - 7PM in the Armory. ALL FCCLA members and families are encouraged to attend! Refreshments will be served following the awards ceremony.
2 months ago, Carrie Kafka